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Nutritional Supplements by ForMor International







Order Cardio Cocktail here.WELCOME to our Independent Distributor website!

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Order Cardio Cocktail here.     Nutritional Supplements by ForMor InternationalNutritional Supplements by ForMor International






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ForMor Financial Plan

Revenue Sharing Plan
To see ForMor's Revenue Sharing Plan click here.

The ForMor International Revenue Sharing Plan is one of the best plans in the industry. We carefully balance the needs of part-time distributors with those who want to promote the business full-time. The result is a plan that produces profit with small volume and very large income potential through significant depth.

Since its founding in 1996, there have been a lot of changes at ForMor International: new people, new products, new labels, new materials, new services, new facilities, and much more. But the one thing that has remained unchanged is our commitment to a philosophy where part-time people can make money in network marketing. The proof of our philosophy is our Fair Compensation Plan. When we introduced the ForMor International Compensation Plan in 1996, it was the most innovative and aggressive compensation plan available. It is still the most innovative and aggressive compensation plan available in a legitimate long-term network marketing opportunity. Our actual payout is higher than most company's potential payout.

Medical Advisory Board

ForMor announced a Medical Advisory Board consisted of prominent medical professionals.

ForMor Medical Advisory Board Bios

Order Cardio Cocktail here. We at ForMor are proud of our U.S. expansion, however, we ship our nutritional and skin care products to other countries, approved by our company.

* We can ship our quality Nutritional Supplements and Skin Care products to approved countries but for "PERSONAL USE ONLY." No Retail Sales are allowed.

* We are now open in the US and Poland, but ship our products to over 30 countries.


To get more information about the business policies in these, and other, countries simply get in touch with Ryszard M.Lagodka.

If you want to try our quality products for Personal Use Only or visit about a tremendous home based business opportunity contact Ryszard Lagodka, one of the very top business builders with ForMor. We want to help you improve your Health and Wealth. We are proud to give a real part-time income for people working this business between 10-12 hours per week and we can offer unlimited income potential to professionals all over the world. 

The ForMor International Financial plan is outlined below. If you would like to download a PDF version of the Financial plan, click here.

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